Loyalty Management System

The Shopdev Loyalty Management System is a comprehensive, technologically advanced system that enables businesses to create and execute successful loyalty programs with ease. LMS utilizes the latest Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning mechanisms to help businesses identify individual patterns in their clients’ behavior and provides offers that are perfectly in line with their preferences.

Leading Loyalty Management System

  • Dynamic Hierarchy
  • Visual Rule Builder
  • Member Management
  • Point Management
  • Analytics
  • Reporting

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Key Product Features

Earnings and Rewards Configuration

Location and time specific Accrual and redemption rules

Tier Management

Multiple  tier rankings with unique qualification criteria, tier expiry and benefits

Dynamic Customer Segmentation

Customer base is split based on purchasing patterns (RFM) and profile attributes for targeted loyalty campaigns

Bulk Operations

Carry out manual operations in bulk via files

Omni Channel Loyalty Program

A unified customer view for data across multiple sources like websites, mobile applications or POS systems

Dynamic Hierarchy and Robust Multi-tenancy

Dynamic hierarchical structure hosts multiple loyalty programs

Fraud Detection

Members suspected of fraudulent activity are identified and instantly reported

Run B2B loyalty programs along with B2C programs

Caters to loyalty programs dedicated to corporations and the banking sector

Reportings and Analytics Dashboard

In depth reports and KPIs vital to the business

Point Management

Define point types and set expiry duration

Retro Claim

Claim for missing points

Users and Roles Management

Create users and define role wise permission matrix

Activity Log

Event tracking for member and non-member related functions

Member Management

Manage member’s account and activity

Transfer Points

Transfer points from one member to another

Why Loyalty Management System?

Personalized Offers

Retain clients with personalized offers.

Data Processing and Segmentation

Get customer information from various channels and segment customers based on their behavior for better targeted offers.


Collect information about consumer behavior, work with customer churn, increase CLV and attract new customers.

Client Retention and Increased Revenues

Increase customer retention and boost profits.

Case Study


Emaar Group is Dubai’s largest group of real estate developers with a market capitalization of USD 5.3 Billion. Over the years, the Loyalty Management System  of Emaar (U by Emaar) has rolled out a portfolio of reward programs  and secured millions of customers. 

To remove dependency of a third party loyalty management application and create their own loyalty platform. The current application leveraged by Emaar wasn’t powerful enough to offer personalized journeys nor did it provide real-time insights into KPIs and success metrics .

. The costs were significantly reduced
. The reward schemes became more targeted and flexible
. Tailored promotional activities were created
. Access to deep business insights to improve key success metrics

A Loyalty Management System (LMS), harnessing true omnichannel capabilities, was developed to address the challenges. With unified customer view across all touch points. In addition, an API was developed to integrate all offline and online touch points across Emaar’s network and to validate reward eligibility in real-time.


Leading Loyalty Management System

It is an end-to-end, technologically advanced solution that enables you to design and leverage smart loyalty programs with ease. Supporting both online and offline retail experiences, LMS utilizes machine learning & data analytics to help you identify the most valuable customers and target them with the relevant offers at the right time.

360-Degree View

At the heart of LMS, is a 360-degree view of customer profiles and behavior information. This provides LMS users access to comprehensive insights including tier value, status, eligibility, enrolled promotions, sales orders, activities, response history, loyalty assets and preferences. 

Visual Rule Builder

The VRB enables businesses to configure infinite combinations of rules and conditions to easily execute time and location specific promotions across any dimension and entity.

Intuitive User Interface

To help ensure seamless integration, LMS offers an intuitive user interface that enables companies to create and deploy targeted loyalty promotions in hours rather than days. It is delivered on a scalable and configurable standard-based platform that provides agility and flexibility far beyond traditional solutions.

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