Whether you’re approaching ecommerce for the first time, or you’re an existing business looking to scale, our team of ecommerce enablers, growth hackers, performance marketers and engineers have the knowledge, passion and skills to deliver ecommerce excellence.

Our Industry Experience

From fast-growing companies in specific niches, to brands turning 8-figures across different markets. Our industry experience gives us an understanding of the implementations used across multiple spheres in e-commerce. From Full-stack marketing to Web development to Omni-channel – we will build and run your online operations so that you can focus on your business.

Powering Ecommerce

To furnish ecommerce success, we craft ecosystems that are built upon the best available technologies and practices. Handpicking elements that fit your industry to serve your customer, retail model, growth, and ROI optimization.

  • Technology selection for B2C, B2B, B2B2C
  • Tailoring Consumer journeys
  • Optimized by Industry best practices
  • Creating Unique digital experiences

Optimizing Operations

We create seamless experiences for your customers by leveraging our suite of Ecommerce products and Industry expertise. From managing and tracking purchases to optimizing fulfillment operations, our technologies streamline processes to provide unparalleled customer success.

  • Omnichannel Enablement
  • Headless commerce technology
  • Order tracking & management
  • Logistics/3PL Integrations
  • Customer service
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social shopping sites and marketplaces

Enabling Growth 

We ensure your success by capturing data and optimizing touch points that uncover ways to improve customer retention and enable growth. 

  • Marketing automation
  • Social delivery and engagement
  • Customer Loyalty 
  • Tracking and Analytics
  • Audits, insights, and recommendations


Platform development

We design, develop and deploy best in breed ecommerce platforms resonating best with your industry and business objectives.

Ecommerce Operations

Web development, Supply chain, customer support, and beyond – we will build and streamline your online operations.

Digital Marketing 

Engage our team of performance marketing experts, SEO specialists, Email marketing ninjas, and Growth Hackers to manage all your digital marketing channels to multiply revenue. 


Unify your digital landscape by perfectly integrating cross-cloud platforms. Create seamless experience for your customers and amplify operations by removing all data silos.

Customer Experience Optimization

We streamline customer journeys to create seamless experiences that maximize customer retention and purchases. 

Customer Loyalty 

Track and retain the customers you connect with post-purchase, our loyalty engine is designed to re-engage and delight one-time purchasers into lifelong advocates.

B2B Commerce

Our decades of b2b experience enables us to consult on wholesale and retail commerce where we help you identify the functionality required to serve your resellers and dealers.

Headless commerce 

With headless commerce, your front-end is decoupled from the backend, which gives you the agility to move faster. The result? An ecommerce company that can adapt to customer experiences on the fly.

Advanced Analytics
By mapping customer touch points through sophisticated tools and solutions, we harness meaningful insights that enable continuous reiteration and optimization.



Omnichannel Engine

A cloud based Omnichannel commerce platform with distributed order management and multichannel inventory management. All products, orders and customers are managed in a single place through seamless integrations with E-commerce, POS, ERP, Accounting and Shipping platforms.

Core Modules:

  • Order Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Logistics & Supply Chain
  • Recommendation Engine
  • Customer Loyalty Engine
  • Replenishment Engine
  • Segmentation Engine

HYPR – Hyper Local Ecommerce

We offer a B2B and B2C platform for hypermarket shop owners and grocery chains. Owners can immediately onboard their inventory online and start selling their in-store inventory via the Hypr app.  Hypr streamlines logistics for immediate order fulfillment.

Core Modules:

  • Picker & Packer Application
  • Last Mile Delivery Application
  • Seamless Order Tracking and Delivery
  • Product Onboarding and Catalog Management
  • Digital Wallet  
  • Analytics and BI

Retail and Wholesale transformation

Shopdev offers an integrated suite of retail solutions that span across ecommerce operations, customer experience, insights, digital marketing, and beyond.

Our domain expertise: 
  • Digital strategy 
  • Advanced analytics
  • Retail strategy
  • Ecommerce
  • Wholesale management
  • Operations (in-store, sourcing, supply chain)



We Focus On Results

We are not the e-commerce mavericks who force on the implementation of processes just because they worked for others. When we recommend you a solution, we carefully analyze and evaluate its value for your business.

We Are Agile

Our team is proactive and will conduct an investigation of the existing workflows you have adopted to determine the improvement potential. This allows us to build the best-suited strategy for you and quickly move towards implementation. 

We’re GDPR-Ready

As ecommerce specialists offering consultancy to a wide range of companies, we strive to ensure that all of our work is GDPR compliant. Working with us will make your business GDPR compliant, too.

We consult across multiple Industries

Our team offers e-commerce consultancy across various categories like clothing, electronics, home décor, grocery, pet products, and many more.

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