Focus on stock optimization – not stock planning. Replenishment Engine provides you with true multi-echelon reorder points for each SKU at every fulfillment center. Its user-defined intelligent algorithms ensure your stock can be dynamically and automatically shuffled between your stores and warehouse, as a flexible automated process with scalable options. Rely on our advanced system to view and streamline your replenishments so that the right product is available at the right store at the right time, thereby increasing the full price sell-through ratios.

Built on the Omnichannel Engine, Replenishment System functions as a multi-channel inventory optimization system. The system makes stock shuffling plans for both online and offline stores which are editable/approvable by the concerned retail planners. Its algorithmic setup also enables the creation of auto transfer notes and sending packing and logistics requests for picking and fulfillment of stock.

The system also helps companies maintain optimum inventory levels by making automated SKU level replenishment predictions. Whether it’s an imposed container fill rate or a purchase order minimum, Replenishment Engine uses multi-store forecasting to plan stock cover/safety. Augment your intraday replenishments with our granular predictions and get the support you need to stay ahead of the game.

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