IMS Policy

SHOPDEV strives to provide the highest level of quality to its existing and potential customers, while remaining compliant to national and local regulatory requirement.

● We invest in our human resource by providing them with a conducive work  environment, regular training and guidelines for skill development.

● The ultimate goal of SHOPDEV is to become a market leader in IT solutions by being  customer centric and actively responsive to market needs and customer expectations.  Information will be protected against unauthorized access.

● Information will be protected against unauthorized access.

● Confidentiality of information will be assured.

● Integrity of information will be maintained.

● Business continuity plans will be produced, maintained and tested.

● All staff members will receive sufficient Information Security and Quality training.  All breaches of information security, actual or suspected, will be reported and  investigated.

● Our top management takes a keen interest in the improvement of quality and,  therefore, information security related actions will be undertaken regularly to  continually improve the process performance.