Soloto - An OmniChannel Success Story


Servis Shoes, had over 450 retail outlets but no online presence. The brand turned to Shopdev to deliver a custom built ecommerce solution with an omni-channel experience to be powered by Shopdevs’ Omni-Channel Engine (OE) – a leading cloud based Ecommerce ERP, enabling real time omnichannel commerce.

Servis Shoes took their business online under a new brand name, Soloto, which had no existing offline presence. Soloto wanted to compete on better operations, customer service – and most importantly, business intelligence. OE allowed it to do exactly that and what would have turned into an operational nightmare quickly became a success story.

Soloto’s plan was operationally complex: sync inventory from 14 different nationwide store locations and train store managers to become warehouse managers. OE integrated all these locations, thereby increasing the inventory levels available on the webstore manifold. Real time KPI reporting enabled data-driven online marketing decisions, decreased dead stock, enabled automated replenishments and significantly improved operations and delivery times.

The results:

  • 1600% increase in inventory value
  • 500% increase in sales.
  • 400% decrease in ad
  • Average delivery time of 1.68 day – almost half of the overall industry average.

The greatest challenge?

Soloto comprises of two different sub-brands: Servis and Shoe Planet. A customer placing an order selects from a single website that has products from both brands. The inventory, however, is coming from two completely different stores. To fulfill this requirement, a custom feature was designed within OE which allows for the order to be split, brandwise.

Soloto’s own Ecommerce Manager has praised the pivotal role Shopdevs Omni-Channel Engine played in enabling the brand to become a player in the e-commerce industry, by saying the following: “Shopdevs Omni-channel Engine was exactly what we were looking for – a true omnichannel experience that is both intelligent and efficient. It would have been nearly impossible to bring our business vision to life without OE, and the cooperation of the Shopdev team.”

For Soloto, this is just the beginning of the Omni-Channel revolution

The next steps in omni-channel commerce are:

  • Click & Collect which will enable customers to place an order online and get it picked from the nearest location
  • Multi-courier integration so OE can select courier based on historical delivery times for certain cities
  • Build a dynamic customer segmentation (RFM) module on top of OE that will be integrated into Facebook and Google ad networks and email service providers (e.g. MailChimp) for high personalised and targeted digital marketing.
  • CRM integration with OE for an omni-channel loyalty program.