Revamping Dubai’s largest loyalty program (U by Emaar) 


Emaar is an award-winning real-estate developer based in UAE.The company has business verticals in eCommerce, entertainment, and more.

Over the years, the Loyalty Management System  of Emaar (U by Emaar) has rolled out a portfolio of reward programs and secured millions of customers.
emaar lms - case study

A Scalable Loyalty Management System

To remove dependency of a third party loyalty management application and create their own loyalty platform. The current application leveraged by Emaar wasn’t powerful enough to offer personalized journeys nor did it provide real-time insights into KPIs and success metrics

ShopDev is now a go-to company for our technology projects because of their professional ethics and technology knowledge to expandability.

Ravi Santhanam

CMO, ZigZag


A Custom Loyalty Engine

A Loyalty Management System (LMS), harnessing true omnichannel capabilities, was developed to address the challenges. With a unified customer view across all touchpoints. Identifiers such as loyalty ID, email, or mobile number were used to connect data (e.g., transactional activity) via multiple sources like websites, mobile applications, or POS systems. In addition, an API was developed to integrate all offline and online touch points across Emaar’s network and validate reward eligibility in real-time.

Core modules that make up the LMS include member account management, point management, tier management, fraud detection, activity logs, bulk import/export operations, refunds, and retro-claims. 

Visual Rule Builder was built on a state-of-the-art Blockly framework; a highly intuitive and declarative tool that allowed users to create an infinite combination of rules. It allowed Emaar to map out transactions, member data,  finances, point expiration, fraud detection across each business, and much more, proving vital for their loyalty program success. 

New dashboards showcased high-level KPIs that were vital to the business. Detailed reports comprising transactions, member data, finances, point expiration, fraud detection across each business unit were developed, giving a comprehensive perspective for business analysts. Customizable reports, report automation, and access to data at leisure were efficacious for business analysis.

emaar loyalty management program

A reliable and efficient Loyalty Program

After the successful implementation:

  • The costs were significantly reduced
  • The reward schemes became more targeted and flexible
  • Tailored promotional activities were created
  • Access to deep business insights to improve key success metrics

Technologies Used



Postgres Sql



The ShopDev team that handled our project was well structured and professional . In the beginning, we had to make adjustments to requirements on a weekly basis and the team was exceptionally responsive to these changes.

Team Emaar LMS

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