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Bayer is one of the largest multinational pharmaceutical and life sciences companies

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Bayer’s crop science division is a front-runner in agricultural research and development, focusing on innovative crop solutions to enhance food security.

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Establish relationship-based selling via an affiliate program

To develop an application that enables relationship-based selling via an affiliate program in multiple developing markets. In addition,the platform aims to improve order-taking process, inventory and sales, reporting and on-ground sales force management.


A Cloud-based Application

ShopDev’s in-house product OBTech was leveraged to create an assisted commerce platform that enhanced sales effectiveness, streamlined supply chain management, and promoted on-the-ground marketing and sales. The platform provided an advanced and robust solution for data consolidation, security, and system transparency while facilitating transactions through a relationship based sales model.

The Bayer OBTech ecosystem is comprised of several mobile applications, each catering to a specific user type, including:

Affiliates: who primarily used the application to place orders on behalf of rural farmers.

Dealers: who primarily used the application to process orders.

Farmers: who could validate the authenticity of the products they purchase via the application.

Google Cloud Platform was used to host the applications with all the communication facilitated through a secure public API, ensuring easy integration of OBTech with the API based platform.

The solution offered affiliates the ability to view order history, fulfilled orders, potential incentives, and earned incentives to gauge their performance daily.

In addition, a reporting dashboard was created for the Bayers’ management that allowed real-time monitoring of complete lifecycles and gaining key insights into the Affiliate Program.

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Increased Sales and enhanced sales force management

After the successful development  and implementation of the solution:

  • The best performer earned a staggering USD 49,099
  • 6,357 bags were scanned by the top performing Dealer
  • The platform hosted 7,800 Buyers
  • The revenue earned surpassed expectations by 116%

Technologies Used

React Native




Google Cloud Platform

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