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Autofixa is an online marketplace with the largest selection of original vehicle parts.

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Autofixa is an automotive parts and accessories marketplace with a vast variety of inventory for OEM parts at competitive pricing. Catering to average consumers and amateur enthusiasts with limited spare parts knowledge, Autofixa is effective in helping its customers find the right part through an extremely intuitive search engine.

autofixa case study

A Robust E-Commerce Experience for ASP

To revolutionize the automotive spare parts industry through a highly intuitive and customer-friendly eCommerce experience. Autofixa aimed to provide a wholesome experience by creating a seamless navigation engine to browse through millions of spare parts easily.

At Autofixa we are catering to people who are in need of specific auto-parts, ShopDev created a combination of an ecommerce platform with a powerful order management system for our customers as well as for the company to automate the handling and processing of orders

Ravi Santhanam

CMO, ZigZag


An Ecommerce Platform that transformed the ASP Industry

A complex logical technology ecosystem was developed to translate the enormous customer potential of the auto spare parts industry into the digital space. In addition to revamping the core website, Shopdev implemented custom middleware to create a fully automated, updated and managed product catalog, minimizing the need for manual intervention.

The developed search engine allows users to browse through millions of products efficiently. Every search event triggers going through records to construct a result set unique to the searched query rendered on a search results page.

Its highly intuitive search now defines the Autofixa experience that relies on a User’s VRM (Vehicle Registration Mark/Number) to identify the customer’s exact vehicle Make Model and provides a free text search field, where the user can input an exact search term (e.g., Rear Light). The website returns with an exact match based on the inputs, eliminating the need to scroll through thousands of products, leading to faster customer conversions. 


A Custom Built Robust eCommerce Platform

After the successful development and implementation of the Platform, Autofixa experienced:

  • 5/5 User Reviews
  • Increase in sales
  • Increase in average order values
  • Increased delivery time
  • Increased rate of user-retention

Technologies Used


Node Js

React Js




We now have a powerful eCommerce platform that is helping us reach more customers by offering them a seamless experience of selecting and delivering the auto-parts that they need. It was done just right. If anything, the final product was more immaculate than what we had expected.

Team Autofixa

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