Shopify is the 3rd biggest eCommerce platform as more than 800,000 stores are powered by Shopify. 

Apart from its user-friendly interface and state-of-the-art backend services, one of the primary reasons people prefer to choose this platform is its utility tools, plugins, and extensions that allow users to have full control over the workflow and outlook of their store by adding personalized and highly customizable features.

The Shopify plugins are known for boosting customer engagement, driving sales, and generating more profit margins. 

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This blog post will discuss 10 of the best Shopify plugins to optimize your e-commerce experience and boost conversions. 

Best Shopify Plugins for Better Conversions

  1. Free Shipping Bar by Hextom
  2. Returnly (for Returns & Exchanges)
  3. Wishlist Plus
  4. One Click Social Login
  5. Upsell and Cross-Sell Products
  6. PageSpeed Monitor
  7. Plugin SEO
  8. Free Trust Badge
  9. Social photos
  10. Swell Loyalty & Rewards

1. Free Shipping Bar by Hextom 

Free shipping is one of the primary reasons that motivate online customers to buy from you. 

Statistically, around 90 percent of online customers prefer free shipping as the top reason to shop online.

As an eCommerce business owner, bearing overwhelming shipping costs on your own is not profitable. It only works if you offer free shipping to customers who reach a certain threshold. Still, it comes amidst a lot of manual effort.

But the Free Shipping Bar by Hextom deals with this issue for you on its own.

This amazing plugin enables you to showcase your customizable bar and adjust notifications as customers add more products to the cart. 

Free Shipping Bar by Hextom - Shopify Plugins

Moreover, it also offers integrated metrics to determine which product results in the most sales. 

Below is the screenshot representing how this plugin looks before anything has been added to the cart. 

Free Shipping Bar by Hextom - shopify plugins

Free Shipping Bar by Hextom - Shopify Plugins

Free Shipping Bar by Hextom - Shopify Plugins

Here’s how it appears once a customer adds a product and moves one step closer to free shipping.

And here’s how it looks once they’ve attained the certain threshold required for free shipping.

It’s very simple to use and has a notable impact on your eCommerce business to boost sales.

2. Returnly: Returns & Exchanges

The only reason that puts the eCommerce business at a disadvantage compared to brick-and-mortar is the possibility of return and exchange.

Around 30 to 40 percent of products purchased online end up being returned compared to only 8 to 9 returns’ percentage in the case of brick-and-mortar stores. 

Multiple factors drive this phenomenon, among which a few of the main reasons are the product appears different than expected or showcased in pictures, wearable products either outfit or underfit, and receiving a damaged product. 

As eCommerce owners have to deal with huge returns, acquiring a simple return process can sort out this overwhelming workload. More than 90 percent of shoppers prefer to buy again if they have an easy return policy and procedure. 

That’s where Returnly comes into the frame. 

It reduces all the plausible hurdles in the returns process. It allows customers to purchase another item using store credit before retrieving the first item run last to boost sales and ensure loyalty.

Returnly: Returns & Exchanges - Shopify plugins

You can use it to set up a highly customized Returns Center and streamline your product returns process. 

Returnly: Returns & Exchanges - Shopify Plugins

It also offers robust analytics to extract fruitful insights related to customer behavior, which can promise a substantial profit in the long run, last but not least. Hence, 

Returnly: Returns & Exchanges - Shopify Plugins

So if order returns are disturbing your routine workload and ruining your peace of mind, this is a plugin you must consider. 

3. Wishlist Plus

Everyone loves to maintain wishlists, and creating one is a fun activity to keep a record of the products you’re interested in so that you can go back and purchase the ones you love the most later on.

It allows your customers to bookmark their desired items and pick up where they left off whenever they want.

Once they return to your eCommerce site, they can quickly jump to their bookmarked items and purchase them. 

Wishlist Plus - Shopify Plugins

It’s very easy and interactive, and customers don’t need to sign in to leverage Wishlist Plus.

Moreover, they can synchronize their wishlist across multiple gadgets for their feasibility of access from anywhere and anytime. 

The impact of integrating this plugin is notable as it boosts conversion rates by 20-30 percent and shoppers started buying 30-50 percent more on average.  

Last but not least, it reveals the number of times each product has been added to the wishlist, which serves as a value-added feature that can persuade customers to shop more. 

Wishlist Plus - Shopify Plugins

4. One Click Social Login

Online customers abandon their cart because of extra charges like shipping, tax, and other fees, followed by creating an account.

The need to sign-up is the reason why around 30-35 percent of customers abandon their shopping drive without making a purchase and leave your site never to come back. 

One Click Social Login - Shopify Plugins

If customers are prompted to register themselves by making an account, it’s demotivating them to continue shopping, especially if they plan to buy a single product. 

But the One-Click Social Login plugin is the ultimate solution to this problem.

Apart from asking customers to create an account or sign-up by typing every detail, you can ask them to sign up using renowned social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, or LinkedIn.


One Click Social Login - Shopify Plugins

They handle all the fundamental input necessities and enable customers to sign up without trouble. 

You can even customize it as per your requirements and feasibility.

One Click Social Login - Shopify Plugins

You can also track the record of how many users are signing up.

One Click Social Login - Shopify Plugins

By allowing your shoppers to refrain from investing their time and effort in making accounts, it can cast a notable impact on your sales. 

5. Upsell and Cross-Sell Products 

One of the traditional business strategies is that it’s much more feasible and profitable to engage an existing customer than acquire a new one, and yes, it’s true. 

Increasing your average order value is one of the efficient ways to increase your profit margin. 

Quantitatively, You’re 60 to 70 percent likely to sell to an existing customer compared to that of 5 to 20 percent in case of selling to a new customer.

So what’s holding you back from considering an option of upselling and cross-selling?

This Shopify plugin by Exto is here to help you.

You create relations between relevant products based on a simple mechanism of a rule-based system.

Upsell and Cross-Sell Products  - Shopify Plugins

By doing so, customers will be automatically provided with recommended products based on their behavior. 

Upsell and Cross-Sell Products  - Shopify Plugins

And if they try to add a currently out-of-stock product, they’ll be recommended similar options that hold their interest. 

It also provides a Recently Viewed feed so shoppers can quickly return to the products by making a single click. 

It is undoubtedly one of the top-notch Shopify plugins that drive profit by maximizing average order value. 

6. PageSpeed Monitor 

Everyone knows how crucial it is for an eCommerce site to load quickly. 

If your page takes longer than 2-3 seconds, it will negatively impact customers’ motivation and leave them in masses. 

That’s why it is highly recommended to use PageSpeed Monitor.

It’s a very simple and easy-to-use extension that offers a track record of how fast your eCommerce site is loading and recommendations & tips to increase loading speed.

PageSpeed performs by checking your Google PageSpeed Insights on an hourly basis and alerts you whenever any issue pops up so you can resolve it on time. 

PageSpeed Monitor - Shopify Plugins

You can also evaluate your rivals’ site loading performance, giving you a nice edge. 

7. Plug In SEO

Another primary reason for eCommerce success is to secure your place in the top search results in all search engines. Seventy-five percent of online surfers don’t even scroll past the first page of the search results, among which 35 percent of the clicks are made to the top three results. 

So your business needs to rank in the top position. 

One of the best Shopify extensions for helping with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is Plugin SEO. 

It helps you to find simple ways to boost the ranking of your Shopify platform and eliminate any hurdles that may be pushing you back. 

Some notable pieces of content it evaluates include:

  • Meta titles;
  • Headlines;
  • Meta descriptions;
  • Keywords; and
  • Broken links

Plugin SEO - Shopify Plugins

Plugin SEO - Shopify Plugin

And if you have rich content on your website, it can help you make it SEO-friendly. 

Plugin SEO - Shopify Plugin

By doing so, you can attain the place among top search engine searches by using relevant keywords and notably boost your website traffic. 

And this tool does not require you to be an SEO expert. 

Plugin SEO handles all complex tasks for you and helps you develop knowledge about SEO over time. 

8. Free Trust Badge

Another reason for cart abandonment is that customers do not trust the site with their credit or debit card information.

Free Trust Badge - Shopify Plugin

So many customers worry about sharing their sensitive credit and debit card information. 

That’s why e-commerce stores need to eliminate this owner-customer barrier and trust issue.

One way to tackle this issue is to add trust badges on areas of primary focus, such as your product and checkout pages. 

Free Trust Badge extension should be your top choice. 

It provides you access to a library with a multitude of basic badges.

Free Trust Badge - Shopify Plugin

Moreover, it also offers a premium version with full-colored badges from renowned companies. 

Free Trust Badge - Shopify Plugin

It sets up very quickly and easily as it takes only a couple of minutes to deploy, and everything is highly customizable. Hence, trust badges adjust effortlessly with your brand theme.

Consider an example below.

Free Trust Badge - Shopify Plugin

And if you choose the premium variant, you can enjoy the perks of having more than 250 premium badges with various designs to opt from. 

9. Socialphotos 

If you have a strong social media presence with stills of your customers using your products, you can use Socialphotos to showcase those pictures to online customers.

Socialphotos gathers some of your top customer product photos from well-known. Hence, purchasing social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook adds an album on your eCommerce site using a widget tool.

Consider an example below.

Socialphotos - Shopify Plugin

Socialphotos - Shopify Plugin

It’s a perfect way to unleash the magic of visuals and social media posts, win new customers, and ensure trust by making them feel comfortable purchasing from your eCommerce platform. 

The widget is highly customizable, and you can select the photos you want to showcase on your eCommerce site. 

10. Swell Loyalty & Rewards

Most online consumers love loyalty and rewards campaigns. 

Statistically, around 55 to 60 percent of online consumers around the globe regard earning rewards and loyalty points as one of the most interesting aspects of the eCommerce experience.”

You can also capitalize on your e-commerce business using such tactics as an effective way to motivate first-time and consistent shoppers. 

Swell Loyalty & Rewards is one of the renowned Shopify plugins to serve this purpose. 

Below are some of the scenarios in which you can reward your customers:

  • Referring friends to your store
  • Ordering Frequently
  • Leaving positive reviews
  • Reading, watching, or sharing your valuable content
  • Connect with your brand on social media platforms

For instance, you can use this tool to promote your reward campaign and let shoppers know how many points they’ll earn for completing a certain course.

Swell Loyalty & Rewards - Shopify Plugin

And shoppers will be able to check their reward points easily.

Swell Loyalty & Rewards - Shopify Plugin

Like previous tools, this extension is highly customizable, and you can choose from a variety of themes and color choices to match your branding.

Swell Loyalty & Rewards - Shopify Plugin

It also showcases detailed metrics to let you know your campaign’s overall impact and outcomes. 

Swell Loyalty & Rewards - Shopify Plugins


As an eCommerce business owner, there are many ways you can optimize your shop and boost conversions.

Around 3000 plus Shopify plugins & extensions exist, and choosing a few out of all these is an overwhelming task.

The aforementioned Shopify plugins can reform every aspect of your store and boost your productivity as well as profit.

No matter if you’re gearing up to upsell and cross-sell products, boost average order value or establish customer integrity, you can achieve your goals using these Shopify plugins.

Last but not least, these tools and utilities are highly customizable so that you can use them as per your feasibility and need.