PPC is a fantastic opportunity, provided you invest the time, effort, and resources to build successful campaigns. If you don’t have a good plan or are unable to track your promotions, then you could end up wasting valuable dollars. For example, WordStream estimates that the average small business loses 25 percent of its PPC budget due to poor campaign strategy.

If you are a digital marketer who manages PPC campaigns, then you know how time-consuming these campaigns can be.

You should take time to consider keywords before you even start a campaign, explore what rivals are bidding on, and how much you’ll be willing to invest in a particular campaign. You’ll need to track the campaigns after the launch, edit aspects as appropriate, and change your budget periodically.

If you have several other marketing activities on your plate, this may sound overwhelming.

Luckily, if you’re looking to cut back on these activities and ensure a way for new projects, I’ve compiled a long list of great tools for you to create, manage, track, and change your campaigns, bids, and budgets.

40 PPC Tools for Better ROI


I have divided these Tools into multiple categories to help you find the right tool easily :

  • Initial Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Ad Campaigns Automation
  • Ad Creation
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Bid Automation
  • Click Fraud Protection
  • Call Tracking 
  • Reporting
  • Shopping campaign Tools
  • Split Testing

PPC Initial Audit Tools

Wordstream Performance Grader

This PPC tool assists you in assessing your success on Google AdWords. It analyses your account and gives you information about wasteful spending, click-through rates, long-tail keywords, shares, impressions, etc.

The mobile readiness score helps you to determine your mobile PPC preparedness. It also tests whether you follow mobile PPC best practices. This is a helpful solution for you to get an overview of your PPC campaign results.

AdAlysis Performance Analyzer

AdAlysis is a recommendation engine that can help refine your PPC campaigns. It automates the process of ad testing and allows you to quickly monitor thousands of advertisements. It provides content ratings and advertisement suggestions. It also helps in testing broken links, disputes with keywords, analysis of n-gram, negative keywords, and much more.

Keyword Research

Google Keyword Planner

The Google Keyword Planner helps you find the most suitable keywords to attract the right customers. It helps you with ideas and allows you to create your campaigns with the right keywords. Before you launch your campaign, you can build ad groups and set the bids for each keyword.

SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool

Get millions of keyword suggestions from the market’s largest keyword database, and pick the best in just a few clicks.

Keyword Magic Tool saves time and effort in creating a master list of keywords. Just enter a keyword (seed) you need to rank for, pick a country and the rest will be handled by the keyword Finder. You’ll get a detailed table of all possible related keywords and variations in seconds.

To help you locate long-tail keywords, you’ll get a variety of similar keywords grouped by classes, styles, and questions that come with special filters. Use filters to select the most relevant, then switch to Keyword Manager where you can continue to create a master list.

To make research simpler, Keyword Magic Tool stores all of your search histories. Only click on the tool and you can see all the queries sorted by date. And if you want to go back to an old post, you will still get new, specific data to work with.

SEMrush PPC Keyword Tool

Choose the best CPC-based keywords, length, and other critical metrics. Create a perfect list of keywords, set negative keywords, and delete duplicates.

You need to maintain a delicate balance in any PPC campaign between expanding your keyword list as widely as possible and keeping it specific to your subject.

SEMrush‘s PPC keyword planner lets you collect keywords in numerous ways: import keywords from.csv,.xls, and.txt files, get long-tail recommendations, find associated keywords, and combine keywords to construct new combinations.

If you use several channels to collect keywords, there are possibly numerous duplicates in your list. They will be removed in one click by the ‘Remove duplicates’ button. Special characters and redundant figures can also be removed easily. Grouping keywords is another significant stage in the planning of a PPC campaign.

Cross-matching negative keywords can be a real headache when using the large or changed form of the match inside your campaigns. Some search terms can cause your ads to compete with each other, causing an increase in your CPC. The ‘cross-group negatives’ function will save you hours, particularly when you are running big campaigns.

Ad Campaign Automation

Traffic Jet

Customer acquisition will always be a challenge if you are beginning your company or you are just a professional. Sooner or later, if there’s no influx of new customers, the business will run low.

The acquisition process is much more complex than you would expect. You may spend hours identifying the appropriate sources of traffic, making different ad copies for each ad network, and managing and optimizing your campaigns. Working with inadequate traffic networks would still be a waste of resources.

SEMrush has created Traffic Jet to help advertisers solve such obstacles, by simplifying the complex campaign management processes and save time and money for other critical tasks. 

Ad Creation


Canva is a tool for producing attractive ads with ease. Upload your assets for free to work with, use the drag-and-drop interface to change/add text, or pay a small fee to use photos and other premium assets from their gallery. 

Share your graphics without having to quit Canva to Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social media sites. 


Whip up the social media images, advertisements, websites, and more, even if you’re not a graphic designer.

You don’t need to start from scratch or stare at a blank screen again. Choose from thousands of prefabricated models that look professional and give you more exposure, clicks, and customers. You no longer need to scour several stock collections, worry about rights of use, or pay for the best background pictures.

Save more time with Snappa by logging in to your Buffer account and pre-scheduling your messages and posts.


It is an online banner making tool. Start from a custom scale, or take from the gallery a standard-size layout, add a backdrop, animate your text and shapes, and play with various colors. 

Take advantage of the web’s most active online banner builder. Download your work as JPG, PNG, HTML5, GIF, AMP HTML or PDF, post your work on social media, or embed it on your website.

Forget all the difficulty of dealing with complex tools in architecture. With BannerSnack’s latest banner generator app, save time and money while making banners.


Gifntext is a great tool for social media ads creation but certainly not the first choice of marketers for absolutely no reason. You can use it to make beautiful GIFs for social media advertising and more. 


GIPHY is a digital marketer’s top source for the best and newest GIFs and animated stickers online for ads creation. It is one of the largest repositories of GIFs on the internet and has been recently acquired by Facebook which is certainly evident for a lot more interesting features ahead in addition to the existing ones.  

Lumen5 (for Video-based Ads)

Lumen5 is an Artificial Intelligence-powered video creation platform that allows anyone without training or experience to create engaging video content within minutes that can be used by the digital advertisers in their campaigns.

SEMrush Ad Builder (for Text-based Ads)

Create attractive ad copy and headlines for your ad campaigns. Get rid of your blank page syndrome and get your writing started with this quality tool by SRMrush. Find a little inspiration before you start creating your ads. Use the tool’s ideas as a guide, or write your ad copy in the Ad Builder.

Landing Page Creation


Unbounce helps agencies create unique and customized landing pages that can be used for PPC campaigns. Instead of sending users to a sales page that may or may not have the details, they’re looking for, create tailored and customized individual landing pages for PPC campaigns to improve conversions.


Wix is one of the highly used web page building platforms on the internet. It has more than 500 stunning designer-made templates for all kinds of businesses to choose from. It offers a simple drag and drop interface to change, customize, or add tons of web elements to your site. All the pages designed on Wix are mobile-friendly by default. 


With Instapage, build customized, mobile-responsive landing pages in minutes. Integrate seamlessly into the entire marketing stack for correct identification and management of leads. 90+ Customizable templates to choose from and you don’t need a developer to set them up.


Wishpond has made it easy for marketers to create and design landing pages, track leads, send emails, and more. 

The marketing platform includes landing pages tools, social ads, website popups, online forms, lead behavior monitoring, leadership management, lead intelligence, marketing automation, email marketing, and marketing research. Wishpond is the full platform for marketers with native integrations with leading sales, payment, analytics, and collaboration applications.

Google Sites

Google Sites is one of the most used platforms to build simple landing pages. It helps set up a page with fewer efforts and lets you focus on strategy instead of worrying about the nitty-gritties of setting up a landing page.

Bid Automation


Managing PPC is made smarter by Optmyzr. You can create campaigns automatically with Optmyzr, and improve performance with recommendations based on the latest machine learning techniques. With Optmyzr, you can also share your data with customizable reports.

Wordstream Advisor

WordStream Advisor has the basic functionality companies need to assist limitless users and have segregation to monitor various client accounts. Keyword research and ad scoring are the best features of the tool which save time and boost ROI. The only drawback is that it allows only advertising on Google, Bing, and Facebook.


AdStage helps paid marketers make decisions that drive business growth through closed-loop reporting and automation, from paid search and web analytics to social media, and evolving new tech. Analyze and share feedback with the team or customers on the marketing campaigns and sales. 

Track and optimize activities automatically, such as day-parting advertising, so you can concentrate on strategy. Move simplified ad data such as a BI tool into your desired analytics tool. Get all of your cross-channel ad data with a single query into the Google Sheets.


This PPC tool is created by the famous social media management platform Hootsuite. AdEspresso makes it easy to control your adverts. Create and refine campaigns on one platform for Facebook, Instagram, and Google. AdEspresso analyses the ads on Facebook and offers advice about how to get more from promotional efforts.


Acquisio Turing, a bid and budget management tool that lets agencies use 100 percent of client ad budgets within the planned time frame. Acquisio Turing uses fast and advanced optimization techniques that increase clicks and conversions while at the same time preventing you from spending too-much or too-less.

Click Fraud Protection


In 2020, click fraud would destroy 20 percent of the budgets of PPC advertisers. Competitors and bots would be able to click on their advertisements and waste the advertising budget.

With ClickCease Google Ads Click, the app for fraud defense will delete invalid IPs and block fake clicks. That will improve your campaigns and help you to get more genuine customers.


Maximize CTRs and reduce CPCs by detecting and deleting harmful advertising that appears on your most common keywords for branding. You can protect your affiliate channel from abuse by taking down unauthorized ads. 

Automatically track online ads of your partners and associates to shield yourself from adverse brand breaches and regulatory threats.

BrandVerity analyses thousands of SERPs during the day at various geographic locations, and then produces an actionable infringement report.

The tool makes it simple for non-compliant partners to take action using features such as bulk removal requests to the search engines and pre-populated email templates.


With PPCprotect, experience the approach that major brands and companies prefer over completely functional & automated click fraud prevention systems. Reduce CPAs, boost the efficiency of PPC Ads, and avoid paying for traffic which is invalid.

Call Tracking


Telephone calls are highly useful for companies. You have to find out who is calling and why. Invoca offers a solution for recording, handling, and monitoring those all-important calls. It fits into 30 platforms. Pricing starts at $1,000/month.


CallRail is another tool for monitoring, recording, and review of phone calls. CallRail offers integration with Google Analytics and Google Advertising. Pricing starts at $30/month, with a free trial that lasts 14 days.


Bouncehelp is a smart website engagement software that engages your visitors automatically and turns them into leads.


Hotjar is a conversion optimization tool that makes a difference to the output of your landing page. With the features like heatmaps and scroll maps, you can see how visitors are interacting with your content/website, and the tool itself has excellent reviews from its users’ community.



Supermetrics lets you get the specific marketing data that matters to you; where you need it. To grow your company, it lets you make better, data-informed decisions.

More than half a million people, including advertisers, data analysts, and engineers, transfer data from common marketing channels (such as Facebook, Google Advertising, and HubSpot) to destinations including Google Sheets, Google Data Studio, Excel, various BI software, and data warehouses.

Supermetrics has more than 14,000 customers in over 120 countries and their products record 10 percent of global online ad spending.


SunnyReports makes it easy to pick the stats you want (clicks, conversions, CTR, …) and the view (big lines, line chart, bar chart, geo map, …). Data is collected automatically and the whole report gets automatically revised, only watch the magic happen. Without meaning Statistics are meaningless, SunnyReports allows you to attach your insight and see to it that your customer understands the whole picture.


TrackingDesk boosts your ROI by tracking and distributing sales from every Affiliate Network and across all of your marketing platforms perfectly. TrackingDesk allows you to track offline conversions and send them automatically to Adwords (instead of the manual import).

Shopping Campaign Tools


DataFeedWatch allows you to;

  • Drive growth, generate and optimize feeds easily for 1000+ global Shopping Channels & Marketplaces.
  • Use feed-driven text advertising to create engaging Google Search Campaigns. Scale automatically and.see how your rates are shaping up against rivals, and tailor your plan to stay ahead.
  • Gain insights into the success of your ads on a product level and optimize your ad portfolio.


Channable is the ultimate feed management tool and PPC automation system. Submit your products or create advertisements for Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising to more than 2500 price comparison websites, affiliate channels, and marketplaces.

Optmyzr Shopping Campaign Tools

Optmyzr simplifies the creation of shopping ads for Google and Bing and delivers better returns on ad spend with powerful bid management capabilities. 

  • Creating and managing innovative shopping strategies, including the Grip.
  • Handles bids effectively.
  • Share feedback automatically over shopping campaigns

Adaplo Shopping Performance Grader

By automating Ad Campaign Management they help ecommerce marketers get more sales and revenues. Adaplo is a simple, automatic, Google Shopping Management Tool. Adaplo leverages the power of machine learning to boost the ads’ ROAS.

SEMrush PLA Analytics

Research with SEMrush PLA (Product Listing Ads) helps you to evaluate the success of Google Shopping ad campaigns for an advertiser. PLAs are shown when anyone looks for a product that has a Google Shopping listing on Google. These reports are a valuable source of information for e-commerce websites and digital advertising agencies that need to collect competitive intelligence on e-commerce rivals.

Split Testing


You may use Optimizely as a tool for conversion. It lets you measure which website variation most engages your visitors, and then lets you optimize your website accordingly. It helps you to target audiences based on their behavior, predictive analysis, multipage and multivariate research, campaign management, and more.

Qualtrics Ad Testing Tools  

Validate promotional ideas and innovative implementations by taking a sample of the target audience to test them. With Qualtrics Ad Testing Tools, you can recognize which text, video, and digital ads resonate and are likely to drive sales, and which ads do not relate to your brand or have a negative effect. With these tools, you can:

  • Predict the impact on intent to purchase
  • Start trusting new ad campaigns
  • Understand how you view your brand
  • Get the highest ROI 


There’s no reason you can’t step up your paid advertising  to the next level with a little help from PPC resources we’ve mentioned in this post. If you are searching for a cross-channel PPC management platform, deeper insights into the keywords of your rivals, or ready to create your PPC algorithms for machine learning, these are the best tools to make it happen.

Which PPC apps do you use every day? Or, did I leave a good one out of this list? Let me know so that I can include it and share it with other PPC marketers. 

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